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Bulk upload of drop-ship addresses to GNS Online


Customer can bulk upload addresses for use as drop-ship addresses on GNS Online by populating the attached CSV template.

Drop-ship addresses can include the following fields (bold fields are compulsory):

  • Customer Name (customerName) - 35 characters max
  • Contact Name (contactName) - 35 characters max
  • Contact Phone (contactPhone) - 15 characters max
  • Contact Email (contactEmail) - 50 characters max
  • Address Line 1 (street1) - street35 characters max
  • Address Line 2 (street2) - 35 characters max
  • Suburb (suburb) - 30 characters max
  • State (state) - choice of "ACT", "NSW", "NT", "QLD", "SA", "TAS", "VIC" and "WA"
  • Postcode (postcode) - 4 characters max
  • Delivery Instructions (instructions) - 70 characters max

Please return complete templates to, ensuring that the example entry is removed from the template beforehand.

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