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GNS Online Google Analytics Custom Dimensions & Metrics


GNS Online currently uses the legacy ga.js Google Analytics tracking script, which supports up to five Custom Variables. These are configured as:

  1. Warehouse / Sales Territory where the user is logged in (selected from drop-down at log in)
  2. Debtor Id
  3. Debtor Class
  4. Username
  5. Fulfilment Type

Custom Variables allow us to segment data in reports to compare between any of the above dimensions. E.g. comparing average order size between customers in QLD and NSW, or different debtor classes.

Once the site migrates to the new analytics.js tracking code, Custom Variables will be replaced by Custom Dimensions. The new code supports up to 20 Custom Dimensions, including the 5 that should be implemented from the above list as part of the migration.

As well as providing an extra 15 'slots', Dimensions can now also be defined with a scope. This associates the Dimension with a specific 'Hit', 'Session' or 'User'.

Most of the Custom Variables above are 'Session' type variables, except # 5, which should be a 'Hit' type, just in case customers place multiple orders within the same session (which is escpecially likely for drop-ship orders that the dimension is intended to capture). (see here)

Suggested list of Custom Dimensions with scope:

  1. Warehouse / Sales Territory - Session (the customer may have users set up in multiple states; this needs to be set at login)
  2. Debtor Id - Session (set at login)
  3. Debtor Class - Session (set at login)
  4. Username - Session (set at login)
  5. Fulfilment Type - Hit (set when an order is placed)

Suggested list of Custom Dimensions with scope:

  1. NSW Stock - Hit (set on page view that includes NSW stock)
  2. QLD Stock - Hit (set on page view that includes QLD stock)
  3. VIC Stock - Hit (set on page view that includes VIC stock)
  4. WA Stock - Hit (set on page view that includes WA stock)

More Custom Dimensions & Variables will be added in future.

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