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I can't access GNS Online


GNS Online is GNS' online ordering platform available at:

If you're having problems accessing the site, following the steps below might help:

  1. Restart your browser
    Sometimes your web browser saves or 'caches' parts of the internet to save time when you visit the same page regularly. Restarting the browser might clear the cache. (NOTE: closing and re-opening the tab is unlikely to work - you have to restart the whole browser)

  2. Force a 'hard' refresh of the site
    If closing the browser doesn't clear the cache, try pressing the <Ctrl> and <f5> keys together to force a hard refresh of the page. This causes your browser to clear the cache and reload all page elements (images, text, etc).

  3. Last resort
    If neither option above works, 'Submit a request' above (top right) and we'll look into this for you.


Please note: Your stored passwords will not be lost doing any of the above.

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